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Nearly every potential clients goes through your website at some point.

Make sure your website gets them to take a step toward buying, instead of pushing them away.

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  • 6-Figure Website course
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1-Year Results Guarantee

Your improved website will generate measurably better results than your current website. If not, you get a full refund.

90-Day Happiness Guarantee

You will be happy with the purchase. If not, you get a full refund.
What some experts have said about my approach...

Follow the steps, and your website will perform!

I love the way Peter looks at websites - it is all about conversion but not tricks or fancy plugins. He engages the audience and helps them want to engage with him.

Follow the steps he lays out for you and your website will perform!

- Laura Posey, Simple Success Plans

Peter manages to make it feel easy

Most people make it seem like getting good results from your website is complicated. Peter manages to make it feel easy. Instead of tweaking the design and adding new widgets, he makes it clear what creates good results for you.

Whether you’re updating an existing website that doesn’t convert or want to make sure you get good results on your first try, follow Peter’s approach. You’ll get better results thanks to it.

- John Livesay

Get quickly to the heart of what really matters

Peter will teach you how to get quickly get to the heart of what really matters when redesigning your website. It’s all about using the right words so your potential customers can immediately say “Yes!” to your products and services. Peter’s approach to website design aligns perfectly with the copywriting strategies I teach my students, and I can’t wait to recommend his course to my community.

- Rob Fortier

You will see results

Peter is one of the few people I’ve ever seen talk about websites in a way that makes sense. He doesn’t make you think you need to redo your design or get the latest widgets. Instead, only fix the parts that hold you back.

He manages to make websites—and getting more leads and customers from your website—clear. Follow the steps, and you will see results.

- Alinka Rutkowska, Leaders Press

Getting them to your site is just the beginning

I love Peter's approach and strategy -- the key to success when it comes to converting your web traffic to customers is actually knowing who they are and why they are coming to your site. But getting them to your site is just the beginning -- Peter really understands the words to use and the message to present to get engagement with them as well. I whole heartedly recommend Peter as your go to expert.

- Doug Sandler, Turnkey Podcast

1-Year Results and 90-Day Happiness Guarantees

If you don't get positive results or aren't happy with your purchase, you get a full refund.

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