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Get More Leads and Sales with No More Traffic

(without fancy tools or tech)

After nearly 10 years of website work, these are the things I've seen most consistently generate positive results...

In this free training you see:
  • How to make visitors immediately interested in what you sell — and what to do if you sell more than one thing
  • Method for easily creating content that compels people to take the next step toward buying — the full structure + details of the key parts
  • How your website stands out from the competition, no matter how many other options your visitors have seen before (no, it's not about design or any fancy tools)'
  • How I ran my business in 1-2h/day and made 6 figures for years (selling services).

You also get the TRANSCRIPT.

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In this training, you learn what I've seen to work most consistently across industries. I’ve yet to see a case where these things wouldn’t have improved results. That doesn't guarantee success in every future case, but modeling what has worked countless times before is the most likely way to get results.
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What some clients have said after working with me...

423% more sales

Peter helped me increase my sales by 423%.

- Danny Iny, Mirasee

Sales doubled each year

The main thing Peter did was to bring clarity to our marketing. We've focused on a clear message, which made marketing easier.

We’ve approximately doubled our online sales each year since then (breaking the $1mil line).

- Halfdan Hansen, Jens Hansen Gold & Silversmith

Clarity to message

Even though I have literally coached thousands of business owners in developing their own marketing and message, I turned to Peter.

- Jon Goldman, Brand Launcher

2x sales

Peter's focused and actionable advice helped me double sales within a couple months—and they're still increasing.

- Shayna Oliveira, Espresso English

More sales in 2 weeks than the previous 6 months

Within 2 weeks of changing my homepage and focusing my email messages on my value proposition, I got more call requests, more email opens, and more clients paying for my high-end program than I did in the previous 6 months.

- Steve Horsmon, Good Guys 2 Great Men

6% conversion on $1,000 product

I set up my new sales funnel within 4-6 weeks. It’s already converting at close to 6% on a $1,000 product.

- Natalie Sisson, The Suitcase Entrepreneur

Had to pause marketing to catch up

In just 4 or 5 months we were so far behind in work we had to hire more people to cover the work. 

- David Roussel, South Air Inc

Clear plan that feels right

Talking with Peter, after so many years of hype and over-promise with other marketers, is like landing on a sane, calm, more intelligent planet.

- Ann Convery, Speak Your Business
Legal notice: Although my average 1-on-1 client sees meaningful increases in profit when going through the same things with me, there is no way I can promise that you specifically will see positive results. There are countless things out of our control (e.g., policies, trends, competitors) and things out of my control (most importantly, will you put in the work). I only offer to share what I've seen to work most consistently across industries in multiple different types of situations.

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